Registration systems of Wachtkamerschermen®

Efficient patient registration via check-in kiosks

Reduce administrative workload

More time for patients who need extra attention

Meets the strictest requirements for privacy and information security

Less crowding at the front desk

Insight in patients who are present

More time for other tasks and activities

Save time

Avoid unnecessary crowding at the front desk

Sometimes it can be busy at the front desk of a GP practice or health centre: annoying for the assistant, but also for the patient. A registration system allows patients to sign themselves in and attendance is automatically registered in the appointment system or GP practice information system. Therefore, it becomes quieter at the front desk, giving the assistant more time for other things like answering the phone or answering patients' questions.

Always know who is present

Every patient can register themselves via the registration kiosk

In healthcare, self-service is increasingly common. With the registration system, the patient logs in easily by entering the date of birth. The registration kiosk is also suitable for the low-literate and visually impaired. 

Do you find it difficult to keep track of which patients are in the waiting room? The registration system offers a solution: thanks to the connection with your GP Information System or appointment system, your agenda is automatically updated. 

The registration system is suitable for any type of practice. Give instructions via the registration kiosk about, for example, handing in urine samples or where a patient can wait. Or have a sequence number generated for blood tests or walk-in consultations, for example. There is always a solution to suit your situation!

Reduction of administrative workload

A registration system increases the quality of care

More and more is expected of the doctor's assistant. Support the assistant(s) by reducing busy times at the front desk. As a result, the quality of care goes up because, for example, better triage can be carried out. Or time can be freed up for patients who need extra attention. Patients themselves are better informed and more satisfied because they have clarity and do not have to wait unnecessarily.

Medisch Centrum Lindenheuvel

"We were surprised by the high number of patients using the registration kiosk, even without any explanation.
This really confirmed that it was a good decision to opt for a digital registration system!"

Ready for a secure future

Self-service via registration kiosks meeting the strictest requirements

The Wachtkamerschermen® registration system is suitable for all disciplines within the primary care sector. Because privacy and information security are very important to us, we are ISO27001 certified. This means the registration system of Wachtkamerschermen® meets the strictest requirements.

Do you want to keep up with the latest technological developments? Then opt for the modular registration kiosk by Wachtkamerschermen®, where a QR code scanner, pass reader or ticket printer can be built in at a later stage. You will be ready for the future!

Our registration kiosks meet the strictest requirements

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